The Song of the Seashell. A book on women and war

1998 Snäckans sang. En bok om kvinnor och krig. ”The Song of the Seashell. A book on women and war” is a large and ambitious mixed-genre book on women and war, analyzing this theme from mythological, historical, social and psychological perspectives. One chapter deals with the special situation of Israeli women and the need to identify with a patriarchal war machine and mentality, another is an analysis of the soldier’s relationship to the female as the interior enemy and the external reason to go to war. There are chapters on mythological aspects of the Goddess of Death, on Athena and other war-related mythological themes. One chapter deals with atomic and nuclear weapons and the Bikini bomb tests, another depicts one of the most ferocious female SS guards in the extermination camps. The writer’s personal presence and voice as a mother and a woman living in Israel are strongly accentuated in the text. Extensive media coverage followed publication as well as much lecturing on the themes of the book.