The Love Curriculum

is a candidly intimate novel, a story about passionate awakening, set partly in the kitchen of a Swedish country house. In the novel, the woman called Katja is a television star, who is left by her husband on the first page. Breaking down, she finally goes into therapy. The meeting with the therapist awakens not only deep memories, but also leads to a spiritual awakening and at the same time a great love for the therapist, which leads to a strong erotic bond between them. The novel is divided into two milieus or rooms. One is “The Room with the Yellow Sofa”, the therapy room. The other room is “God’s Kitchen”, a big country kitchen in the Swedish countryside, where the woman sits writing the story of The Room with the Yellow Sofa, trying to” write the man out of her” and trying to gain understanding on a personal and spiritual level about where she has landed with all this. She is also gardening, cooking food, making   jellies and chutneys. Recipes are included. It is a rather funny, sensuous and at times quite learned exposition on God and food, on body and soul, on the nature of passion.