Jerusalem & I

“I got married in Jerusalem, I gave birth to two children here, I had a house in the City and a garden, I learnt Hebrew and  Bible and I wrote several books in Jerusalem. But I have never written on Jerusalem, because how do you write about the most depicted city in the world?”

Jerusalem is said to be holy. But how can a city be holy? Who dares to ask the question? And what would be the answer? Jerusalem is the city of eternal peace, but yet so split between Palestinians and Israelis, between religious and secular. Jerusalem is the city of the greatest stories, but in this book the focus is on the individual ’s life and dignity in the midst of myths and monuments.

In a condensed mixture of autobiography and essays Anita Goldman draws a very different portrait of the City fifty years after the Six Day War. “Jerusalem & I” is a declaration of love for the Hebrew language, it’s poets, prophets and writers, it’s female voices.

This book received overwhelmingly positive reviews. I have been lecturing extensively about it all around Sweden, especially in churches.