If stones could speak in Palma de Mallorca

A historical novel based on true events in Mallorca at the end of the 17th century .

Today millions of tourists walk about the streets of Palma de Mallorca. But few know of the dramatic and atrocious events that took place here for more than three hundred years ago. Even though they occurred so long ago they raise questions of current validity; Why are minorities so threatening to the majority? Who belongs and who must be spewed? Who is a hero and who is a traitor? What is truth and what is falsehood?

There are few writers in Sweden who cover a larger scope than Anita Goldman, who have the same ability to deeply explore their subject matter. In her new novel she has been aided by documents and studies on the spot to recreate the occurrences of May 1691, when Jews who had been converted to  Christianity hundreds of years earlier, were burnt at the stake because they had kept their faith and their culture. But in spite of the thorough and cruel endeavors to extirpate Judaism, the family names are still alive and around today.
In “If stones could speak in Palma de Mallorca” the torture, interrogations and the completion of the punishments are depicted. But so is the courage and the cowardice, the fear and the love, the faith and the doubt of the main characters.
And it is all played out at the epicenter of today’s tourism in Palma.