"Jag gifte mig i Jerusalem, jag fick två barn här, jag hade ett hus i Staden och en trädgård, jag lärde mig hebreiska och i Jerusalem har jag skrivit ett flertal böcker. Men jag har aldrig skrivit om Jerusalem, för hur skriver man om världens mest omskrivna stad?"

Jerusalem är staden som sägs vara helig. Men hur kan en stad vara helig? Vem vågar ställa frågan? Och hur blir svaret? Jerusalem är den eviga fredens stad, men så kluven mellan palestinier och israeler, mellan religiösa och sekulära. Jerusalem är de stora berättelsernas stad, men i denna bok fokuseras på den enskilda människans liv och värdighet, mitt bland minnesmärken och myter.

I en förtätad blandning av självbiografi och essä tecknar Anita Goldman ett annorlunda porträtt av Staden femtio år efter sexdagarskriget. Jerusalem & Jag är en kärleksförklaring till hebreiskan, till dess poeter, profeter och författare, till dess kvinnliga röster.


2011 my new novel Kärlekskursen “The Love Curriculum” was published.


It is a very intimate novel, a story about passionate awakening, set partly in the kitchen of a Swedish country house. In the novel, the woman called Katja is a television star, who is left by her husband on the first page. Breaking down, she finally goes into therapy. The meeting with the therapist awakens not only deep memories, but also leads to a spiritual awakening and at the same time a great love for the therapist. The novel is divided into two milieus or rooms. One is “The Room with the Yellow Sofa”, the therapy room. The other room is “God’s Kitchen”, a big country kitchen in the Swedish countryside, where the woman sits writing the story of The Room with the Yellow Sofa, trying to” write the man out of her” and trying to gain understanding on a personal and spiritual level about where she has landed with all this. She is also gardening, cooking food, making


jellies and chutneys. Recipes are included. It is a rather funny, sensuous and at times quite learned exposition on God and food, on body and soul.



2009 Om jag så måste resa till Los Alamos "Even if I have to travel to Los Alamos" is a mixed fiction and personal travel logg book on the development of the first atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA , 1943-1945. It tells the story of the people "on the hill" from a new angle, giving prominence to the women around Robert Oppenhemier. It tries to unravel and look more deeply into the modern, scientific project, how it could give birth to weapons of mass destruction and how the desacralisation of the world has affected us.


The book received a best-book-of-the-year stipend from Albert Bonnier's publishinghouse and in the same year I received the prize as this year's Moa Martinsson-laureate at a ceremony in Stockholm. Moa Martinsson was the only women in a generation of Swedish writers appearing on the literary scene in the first decades of the 20th century, all of them from extremely poor working class and peasant backgrounds. Some of them made their way into the Swedish Academy and became the Nobel prize laureates. Moa was the only prominent woman in this group. In the novel I relate to the very special nature writings of her one time husband, the Nobel laureate Harry Martinsson.


Excerpted from ”Om jag så måste resa till Los Alamos” (Even if I have to travel to Los Alamos), published by Bokförlaget Natur och Kultur, Stockholm, 2009.





2008 Ljusbärarna. Om människor som väljer Glädje. The Lightbearers. On People Choosing Joy,. It is a continued and deepening investigation into the themes of my previous book on mysticism, but this time focusing on how spirituality can be sustained in a world of horrors. I depict and analyze people who are victims of or actively engaged in the world’s worst conflicts, wars and genocides, but who sustain an inner light and a spiritual presence. One of the portraits is of Dorothy Day. Writing on Dorothy Day has been a cherished opportunity to reconnect with some of the themes that engaged me when I was a member of the Living Theatre thirty years ago. I’ve been able to use some of my knowledge and appreciation of American radicalism and its history.








2005 Guds älskarinnor. Om hängivna kvinnor i en livrädd värld. God’s mistresses. On devotional women in a terrified world. The book contains portraits of a selected few women mystics and also engages in a discussion on mysticism, modernity, the female and the erotic, seen through the prism of women mystics from different ages and religious traditions. Among them are Jewish Etty Hillesum and Catholic Teresa of Avila — also included is a male mystic, the great Persian poet Hafiz.


The book includes a personal preface on my own spiritual development and received vast media attention. It still sells well in its pocket version.









2002 Jag bor bredvid Paradiset “I Live Close to Paradise” is a collection of texts previously published in the two biggest newspapers in Sweden on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on female identity in patriarchal cultures, on morality and ethics in the post-modern world and on nuclear proliferation.












2000 Mållös “Speechless”, was published by Natur och Kultur and then re-issued in pocket version by Månadens Bok, the main pocketbook publisher in Sweden, as their Book-of-the-Month-selection, which guarantees large print-runs.


Mållös is a contemporary novel on the disintegration of families as I found it at my return to Sweden after 18 years in Israel. It was the first Swedish novel taking a cold, hard look at the negative feelings step-parents can have for stepchildren. It is also a stock-taking of the dreams and ideals of the post ‘68 generation. The language is extremely modern, a kind of experimental internet-Swedish. The book received wide attention.










1998 Snäckans sang. En bok om kvinnor och krig. ”The Song of the Seashell. A book on women and war” is a large and ambitious mixed-genre book on women and war, analyzing this theme from mythological, historical, social and psychological perspectives. One chapter deals with the special situation/trauma of Israeli women, another is an analysis of the soldier’s relationship to the female. There are chapters on mythological aspects of the Goddess of Death, on Athena and other war-related mythological themes. One chapter deals with atomic and nuclear weapons and the Bikini bomb tests. The writer’s personal presence and voice as a mother and a woman living in Israel are strongly accentuated in the text. Extensive media coverage followed publication as well as much lecturing on the themes of the book.


Excerpted from Snäckans sång. En bok om kvinnor och krig” ”The Song of the Shell. A book about Edna’s Poem”





1997 Rita Rubinstein åker tunnelbana i den bästa av världar “Rita Rubinstein travels on the subway in the best of all worlds”. It is a collection of short stories depicting a Swedish-Jewish family. Some of the stories deal with Jewish identity in Sweden, while others are set in Israel of today and deal with topics like terrorism and fear, IVF-treatment in an Israeli hospital and the pain of infertility, the feeling of a stepmother as her stepson is induced in the Israeli army, etc. The stories are full of humor and very tragic at the same time, their tone is personal and female, their scope ranges from the banal and very modern to the great questions of guilt, existential loneliness and longing for love.










1995 I själen alltid ren. Om Sigrid Hjertén Her soul always pure. On Sigrid Hjertén is a book about the famous Swedish woman painter Sigrid Hjertén, belonging to the generatyion of Swedish artist who left for paris at the beginning of last century and studied with the French painter Henry Matisse.


Sigrid Hjertén was the only prominent woman in the group and she is generally considered as one of sweden’s greatest painters of the modernist school. She ended her life in mental hospital, where she died from a lobotomy operation. She was married to the great painter Isaac Grünewald, the only Jew of the group and my paternal grandmother’s brother. The book made great waves when it came out, as


it included thitherto unknown correspondence between Hjertén and her husband. It was chosen a ok-of-the-Month club first-selection and has sold in almost 20.000 copies.






1994 Orden som brändes “Burning Words” a novel on Beruriah, the only learned woman mentioned in the Talmud, living during the last big rebellion against the Romans, The bar Kochba rebellion, which led to Israeli exile from their land, lasting ubntil the establishment of the State of Israel.
















1991(reissued 1998) Stenarnas döttrar “The Daughters of Stones” isa novel set in the village of Ein Karem, Jerusalem during the first year of the intifada (the Palestinian uprising) and is a very poignant and painfully honest depiction of the sacrifice of sons and daughters in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

















1988 Våra bibliska mödrar “Our Biblical Mothers” a non-fiction work is a deeply researched feminist analysis of the depiction and role of women in the Old Testament. It has become something of a classic in its genre in Sweden and is still included in educational curricula and still for sale in bookstores in its softback version.


English 1988 “Behold, the Lord hath restrained me from bearing”, was published in Reproductive and Genetic Engineering, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 275-279.











1988 Den sista kvinnan från Ur “The Last Woman of Ur” was published, first with the small publishing house Hammarström&Åberg, later re-issued (30,000 copies) through the state-subsidized press for mass-circulation of quality literature: En bok för alla. Litteraturfrämjandet. (A book for Everybody. Promotion of Literature) and even later re-issued in pocket-book format by Bokförlaget Natur och Kultur. It is still in print.


Den sista kvinnan från Ur is a fictionalized and lyrical account of biblical Sarah, focusing on the theme of infertility and why it is so prevalent in the early Biblical mythology.











1980 Emma Goldman: Den dansande agitatorn. “Emma Goldman: Dancing Agitator” is a collection of the great anarchist agigator Emma Goldman’s writings. I edited, selected the texts, translated from English and wrote the preface.



















1978 Allt Genast! “Everything Now!” is my debut novel. It is a very personal and fierce and funny account on how we live—or fail to live—our ideologies in our private lives. On collective living, free sexuality and radical transformation of society, based on my experiences with The Living Theatre. (The book achieved something close to cult status among young women of the post ‘68 generation.)

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